Currently being revised and new Features coming soon - Date extraction, Time Lining and Custom Summaries

Date Extraction

Time Lining

Custom Summaries

The Clinical Summary Tool is a browser based app used for the purpose of managing large amounts of electronic clinical information. For professionals working in health-related settings, there is an ever-growing mountain of clinical information. While it is all important, it is not all necessary at specific times. For example when a particular task needs to be performed, such as preparing a risk assessment or writing up a medication history. The demand on clinicians to wade through the huge amounts of patient data in order to interpret and make management plans will only increase. The Clinical Summary Tool is designed to reduce large quantities of electronic clinical information to the core information required to make specific decisions. By doing so, irrelevant “noise” is eliminated helping to focus decision makers’ attention on processing relevant information. Just some of the usage scenarios are listed here: A link to the manual can be found at the top of this and every page on the site.

Usage scenarios include

A new doctor in a busy outpatient clinic meeting patients not known to them. nA nurse managing a busy inpatient ward. nA care coordinator completing a care plan. nA doctor carrying out a Mental Health Act Assessment on a patient unknown to them. nAn approved clinician preparing a Mental Health Act Tribunal Report. nA duty doctor asked to review a vulnerable patient requesting to leave a hospital. nAn expert witness preparing a court report. nA standardised data extraction tool for clinical research. nAudit of clinical practise related to risk assessment. nn

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